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Soaps by Maria

Beautiful Handmade Soaps that are both moisturizing in how they feel, and artful in their appearance. 

I also offer handmade soapdishes. I make them myself and each one is handbuilt from stoneware clay. No two are alike. I build them so as to provide your soap needed drying time between uses which will prolong its life. These dishes will provide a fun and creative way to display your soap.
My soaps are lovingly made in North Carolina. I keep my batches small and I use only the finest ingredients. I try to ensure that I provide the best product I can to my clients and customers.

What do I put in my Soaps?

I usually start off with three basic oils in varying amounts. Those oils would be Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Sustainable Palm Oil. I specify Sustainable Palm Oil because there is much controversey about the taking over of natural habitat for a growing Palm industry. I only try to purchase from sources that are responsible in their goal of creating an environment where Palm growth is self sustaining and works towards minimizing environmental impact.
     I make both Goat Milk Soap and water based Silk Soaps. Goat Milk possesses many nutrients that are beneficial for the skin and produces a rich lather with smaller bubbles that allow the lather to become thick and creamy. The water based Silk Soaps produce larger bubbles that produce a lush fluffy and creamy lather. They are ammended with a natural silk fiber that is dissolved in the lye water before I add it to the oils and butters. The silk fiber enhances the luxurious feel of the soap and helps in promoting its already abundant lather. Both types of soaps are equally smooth and moisturizing. 
     Olive Oil is usually the predominant oil in my recipes. I prefer Olive Oil in that role because Olive Oil is a very mild and moisturizing oil. However Olive Oil by itself, is not known for producing much lather. The addition of Coconut Oil helps to produce abundant lather and is a great complement to Olive Oil. Coconut Oil is also a very good cleansing Oil. Palm Oil helps to sustain the lather that Coconut Oil provides and also helps to produce a harder long lasting bar
of soap.
     I also ammend my recipes with other luxury oils, and butters for added moisture and lathering capabilities. The oils I most often use for that purpose are: Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice bran Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Castor Oil. These extra oils add more lathering and moisturizing qualities that enhance the luxurious feel of these bars.
     The butters I most often choose from are: Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, and and sometimes Shea Butter. Butters provide extra moisturizing qualities to the soap. They usually do not enhance lather so that is why I make sure that I pick the right balance of oils for that purpose.
     I try to ensure that all my bars end up with both moisturizing qualities as well as the ability to produce abundant lather. They really do make what we do every day a little more special!